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Real People. Real Results.

Impex Limited (Malta) is a leading company in Malta, representing globally renowned brands and with a strong track record of creating brand loyalty. Our comprehensive resources, including our own premises, sales force, distribution network, promoters, and merchandisers, enable us to deliver exceptional products and customer support.

Our commitment to excellence, combined with our experience and expertise, has enabled us to establish long-lasting business relationships with our customers. We continually invest in technology and infrastructure to maintain our position as one of the leading companies in this sector in Malta.

Our success is largely due to the vision of our chairman and the dedication of our dynamic team of employees. Impex Limited is synonymous with high quality, excellent service, and strong customer relationships. We take our responsibilities seriously and prioritize investing in our human resources by providing regular training and development opportunities for our team members.

As a result, we have a highly motivated and qualified staff who work together with their managers or leaders to achieve set targets and overcome any challenges they may face. Impex Limited is committed to delivering the highest level of performance and achieving continued success.


Impex Limited (Malta) traces its origins back to 1940, when it operated under the name Danbar Vella, primarily importing food products from the UK. The company’s reputation for quality products and service grew, leading to increased demand and a reorganization in 1958, when it began trading as P. Gatt & Gatt.

In 1971, the Impex Group of Companies was established, with a clear vision from the Board of Directors to further strengthen the company’s market position. This strategy proved successful, and by 1984, Impex Limited (Malta) had become one of the leading companies in Malta.

Impex Limited was a pioneer in providing its staff with comprehensive training both locally and abroad. Today, the Impex Group of Companies operates in a diverse range of industries, including importation, manufacturing, property, and tourism.

  • 1940: The roots of the first company under Danbar Vella, mainly importing UK products
  • 1958: Reorganization of the company and start of trading under P. Gatt & Gatt Limited
  • 1971: Birth of Impex Group of Companies with a clear vision
  • 1989: EMKA Investments becomes directly involved in property investments

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