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Managing Director designs , develop and implement the strategic plans of the company for the most cost effective and time effecient manner.

Although he is Responsible for the day to day running of the company he also is a motivator for the Company's Staff.

Financal Director is responsible of the Finance of the Company together with the planning and sees that the record book keeping are in Order.

Every Quarter of the Year he hands the Quarter Report to the Managing Director.

Sales & Marketing Director - Leads and Direct the development and execution of the strategic sales and marketing plans and initiatives to maximize product Growth , Trust and Awarness.

He must work with the Sales Team , deliver sales growth and market penetration.

Plan , Co-Ordinate and lead the execution of all sales & marketing activities for the product . Manage existing sales channels , distributors and partners relationship.

Where necessary work with the MD to establish new relationship.

Leads and Manage the Sales & Marketing Team , developing, coaching and training as appropriate .

He also attends to Conferences, Events and International Fairs.

Purchasing Director is the one responsible for buying and approving the acquisition of the goods needed by the company . He approves , makes Purchase decision , place orders & receipting the goods.

As part of his responsabilities he also creates purchasing projects and tasks so that the products will be all time latest avaiable.

As part of reporting he has to hand the Purchasing report on a monthly basis that included estimated values & stock levels.

General Manager the one that controls the day to day operations of the companies manufacturing plants . He leads and co-ordinate the strategic plans that may require.

He ensures and supervise the machines processing of the product so that all finished product will have the Freshest , High End Quailty Products.

On a monthily basis he hands over the progress report to the Managing Director.

Sales Manager he set goals in an effective & efficient manner through Planning, Training and Leading the Sales force. He establish a sense of purpose with a clear direction to get there.

Togather with the Sales & Marketing Director takes the direction of the marketing strategy to Solidate the Products Growth.

Part of his reporting is the Area Analysis.

Brand Manger will focus and seek the increase on a particular Brand.

Visualising the achivement he will use the merchandisers and promoters to reach final objective.

Co-ordinator is the one that manage the warehouses and its needs. Once the inventory is in his hand he will ensure that orders be prepared and picked so as they be ready for the delivery . If it is Ambient, Chilled or Frozen all orders will be allocated to there resepective channel and see that all orders will be despatched in the right way.

He is also responsabile for all the security of the warehouse and see that all distribution fleet and fork lifts are in good condition.

Whist the Co-Ordinator is moving with his duties his Assistant Storekeeper will be checking all imports that are received on the day . Once the goods are on the ground he will allocate them to there assigned storage place. He also must see that the warehouse are in a cleanliness state .