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Impex assures that all products marketed releted to this channel can be easily found in all stationery and others alike ( Bazaars, Gift Shops etc....)

The Brand entrusted to be marketed by Impex is by far the leading

Although knowing that, Impex continues to stregthen its position and always look for further products releted to the stationery items in general


Pharmacies & Beauty Shops



In a Correlative agreement we have chosen some products that will be sold only thru the Pharmacies or liscensed to sell pharmaceutical, cosmetics and related items

By this means the Product itself will get more exposure . The Customer will gain Knowledge and Trust from the Professional People when asking any question related towards our products.

This was a success and nowadays we are enjoying the fruitful investment.



This Channel is the largest size in quantity . It is where neariest grocery consumers visit daily  to buy those products that are needed on that day.

Due to the products that we market are highily in demand on a weekily basis we visit all groceries or convenience stores to see what there requirements are.

The relationship that we enjoy within, helps us to put our products in prime position and assist us when launching new products .







All supermarkets that there are in the Maltese islands have all our marketed Products available.

Frequecy of Sales Call - Once a week

Frequecy of Delivery Call - Twice a Week

Supermarkets available in Malta are 40

Opening Hours :

Monday - Thursday 9.00am till 8.00pm

Friday 9.00am till 9.00pm

Saturday 8.00am till 7.00pm


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