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Year after Year Impex continued to supply the General Hospital of Malta , Residence for the Elderly, The Correction Facilty, Hospital of Gozo & the Armed Forces.

The good relationship that we have within the Governament Administration always kept us where we stand.

Impex is always looking to see that products offered will be the highest standard possible.

Catering Establishments











If for lunching or dining places catering to people working nearby with simple food served in simple setting with cheap prices we are there. If for establishments serving refined food we are there too.

Impex Knows that Toursim Industry is the Largest Industry for the Maltese Islands. Knowing that makes sure that its strong presence is directily or in directily there.

Knowing that this Industry is very important for the Economy of Malta the managment is adjusting it self to increase its current existence clientele.

Continous meetings are held within the Toursim of Studies of Malta to ensure that the future to be Head Chefs knows and be aware of the Products we offer.

The Sales Force entrusted with this Division makes sure that all our directily served clients will have the right approach to understand the needs to continue on our growth trend.


                     Hotels ♦ Resturants ♦ Fast Food Chains ♦ Kiosks ♦ Canteens ♦ Take Away

Butchers & Fishmongers


sushi   soysauce


The concept of the actual meaning of Butchers and Fishmongers has changed . Nowadays the customers is not only being offered or finding available Meat or Fish but also Allied groceries and others goods that accompanies them

Impex is proud that it was the first that such possability of offering the goods to there clientela had an excellent response.


The vast products that we offer under this category put us in a postion to visit all confectionery outlets oftenily.

We offer From Seasonal Items to all day consumables.

Variety Foods International (Malta) which is owned by Impex Group produces one of the Leading Snacks In Malta.

Needed by us and us needed by them will help the salesforce to introduce new products .



Although we put all our effort to service our customers directily sometimes in other circumstances we have to rely on our reseller to supply our clients needs.

If it is Food , Tolietries, Detergents, Stationery, Confectionery or any product, the right importance is given to ensure that all our marketed products are stored and supplyed to our customers by the wholesaler will  be staked and received in perfect condition.

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