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Impex Limited (Malta) is a old established, leading company in Malta, representing World Wide Reknown Brands having its own Premesis , Sale-Force, Distribution , Promoters, Merchandisers. It has all the necessary tools to Create a Brand Loyality.

Impex Limited takes pride in having a proven track record for creating a brand image, and establishing brand awareness.

Impex provides top-notch products along with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!



The companies roots started way back in 1940 where it was trading under Danbar Vella mainly importing only food products originating from the UK.

Durning the years demand for the products kept on increasing and managed to built a good reputation both with overseas principals and the local trade in general.


Impex Directors keeping with there common sense always invested what they understood.

Tradition tells us how Important Values like Curiosity, Courage and Innovative Spirits are. They are decisive for our Companies Growth.

Impex believes that work is more than a place you go everyday. It should be a place of Exploration, Creativity, Professional Growth and Inter-Personal Relationships.

It's about being inspired and motivated to achive Extraordinary Things.




One of the most important decisions that Impex will take is choosing Quailty Products for our families.... Because We Care before the Decision has been taken the products must and will go and pass a number of observations to meet our criterion. Everyone is special and unqiue and deserves the best possible for our market.


Impex Limited (Malta) is committed to enriching the lives of Today's Family .... everyone in the family , including pets - by Providing , Nourishing , Great Tasting , High Quality Products that meets the needs of everyone in the home.

We are driven by the customer and deliver results through a partnership with our clients, launching continuous innovative products, excellent service and a comitment to quality in all we do.




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